Vulcan Orienteering Club Events  (Alabama)

VOC Orienteering Events

VOC Meet Schedule

Please print out copies of the VOC schedule and distribute them.

Online Registration

Online pre-registration and payment is currently required for all upcoming meets.

  • Pre-registration begins the Sunday prior to an upcoming meet and ends at 6 pm the Friday before the meet.
  • Individuals and groups MUST register online for each course to be run.
  • No money will be taken the day of the meet. Online payment is required at the time of registration, via PayPal or credit card.
  • You must now select your start time when pre-registering.
  • Group size is limited to no more that 5 people per start time slot. If you are registering multiple groups for the same course, please spread their start times out.

Local Meet Details

Always check the schedule, as it could change based on the availability and schedule of the meet director. All VOC meets are on Saturdays.

Meet Locations:
The start/finish area within the parks will vary from meet to meet and will be posted on the website. Orienteering signs will also be placed in the park on the day of the meet to help direct you.
General information on the parks can be found through the links below:
Start/Finish Times:
  • start between 9am - 12pm
  • Maximum 3 hour time limit (all courses)
  • Everyone must be finished by 2pm
  • Control pickup will begin at 2pm
  • The cost to participate in a VOC local meet, which includes your course map, is $8 per start (individual or small group). There is also a $2 fee for e-stick rental, if you don't have your own. The cost to run a second course is only an additional $2.
  • Small groups, of no more than 5 people, may orienteer together using a single e-stick. Group members may purchase additional maps for $1 each.
  • Oak Mountain State Park entrance fees
  • Wind Creek State Park entrance fees
  • It is required to carry an emergency whistle with you on the course
    (at least 1 per group)
  • If you do not have a whistle, be prepared to purchase at the meet for $1 each. Please bring the exact amount needed, as we can not give change at this time.
Courses: (course guide)
  • Yellow - Beginner
  • Orange - Intermediate
  • Brown - Advanced (shortest)
  • Green - Advanced (short)
  • Red - Advanced (long)
  • Blue - Advanced (longest)
  • Score-O - what is a score-o?
Electronic punching on all courses
What is course climb?
Determine the "optimum route" that an orienteer would take on the course. Measure its length in meters. Note that this length will generally be 5-10% longer than the posted course length, which is the straight line distance for the course. Then count how many contour lines this route crosses going uphill. Multiply this number of contour lines by the contour interval in meters. This "climb" should normally not exceed 4% of the optimum route distance.
(% = climb/length * 100)
If you plan on bringing a large group of people (more than 10), please let us know at least one week ahead of time so we may have enough maps available. Please specify which course(s) and how many maps.
Contact joeyvulcanorienteeringorg

Volunteer with VOC

If you would like to help out with any Vulcan Orienteering events, please contact us at: infovulcanorienteeringorg
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