Vulcan Orienteering Club

October 18, 2008

6 hour score-O 
11 starts
Total=30 orienteers
Weather: Sunny temperature started out a little cool but warmed up.
Rained about .6 inches on Friday while setting controls.
Thank you to Barry Holmes for helping set controls on Friday in the rain.
Thank you to Anne and James for helping on Saturday and picking controls up afterwards.                                                                                                                   

Mass start 9:15am
Name			Points		Finish time (clock)
Daniel Bond		620		2:48pm
Sam Sumner		590		2:46pm
Doug Wright		590		2:59pm
Lee Sumner		580		2:56pm
Roe and Joe Strickland	580		3:06pm
John Garrett		410		2:51pm
Dave Peebles		220		2:19pm
Robert and Rick Green	210		1:55pm
Bill and Sallie Garvin	170		1:32pm
Michael Harrison +1	 90		2:02pm
Amber, Jan and Jill	 70		12:45pm
Timothy and Andy Sumner	lost score card	1:10pm
Ron and Sharon		just had fun
Homewood High JROTC	training session